Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Meredith Music Festival

This week I'm excitedly packing for an adventure. This will be my first camping music festival in quite a while.  I had thought I had sworn them off never to attend ever again... what's changed my mind? I've only heard good things about Meredith Music Festival. I've been signed up for the last 5 years to get a ballot ticket and with a lot of magic pixie dust this year I got one!

As yet I'm suffering from sleepless nights in anticipation. So to get rid of some of my excess adrenaline I created this music mix to get the party started.

Friday, 11 October 2013

San Francisco Mission District

When I was in San Francisco I stayed in the lively and colourful Mission district.

The day we arrived our apartment was surrounded by a throbbing street party. Kids were riding bicycles down the middle of the street, bands and DJ's spinning, great food and smiling locals. I treated it as a sign that I was going to love this city.

Turns out I was staying in quite the trendy neighbourhood. In my research of Mission I knew that it was famous for it's eateries whilst brimming with colour and street art. I was literally around the corner from Balmy Alleyway known for it's religious murals painted onto local residents fences and roller doors. Definitely a fun part of town.

Pineapple Dazzle San Francisco Mission Street Art

Pineapple Dazzle San Francisco Mission Street Art

Pineapple Dazzle San Francisco Mission Street Art

Pineapple Dazzle San Francisco Mission Street Art

Pineapple Dazzle San Francisco Mission Street Art

Friday, 4 October 2013

Feel Good Friday

Do you ever get songs stuck in your head that just loop over and over? Ever since I found this gem of a music mix on 8tracks I've been catching myself hitting repeat.

I have a feeling I'll be working in my garden this weekend with this blaring in the background. What music will you be your soundtrack this long weekend?

Friday, 27 September 2013

10 Ideas For Spring

Pineapple Dazzle Spring Flower

I love that the weather is thawing. With the weather now co-operating there are hundreds of things you could do to enjoy your time outdoors. Sometimes you just need inspiration. If your life needs some zing here are 10 ideas to make the most of Spring.

Get a great crew together
Nothing beats being on the road with your mates. Even a short trip away guarantees laughter, fun times and fond memories. Last weekend my girlfriends hired a bus and we went on a day trip down to the McLaren Vale Wine Region. We definitely saw the best and worst of each other and I know I love them more because of it.

Get lost
Turn your phone off. I believe the fun happens in the journey and not in the destination. Take a left turn and see what adventure springs up in your path.

Slow down
Rushing to get more done doesn't automatically mean you feel more fulfilled. There is something in the art of subtraction. Let yourself have an entire day dedicated to nothing. It might just give you time and energy for spontaneous fun.

Finish off a project
Hang a hammock in your backyard. Grow a new herb garden. Paint a mural on your fence. There is something in putting effort into your home that makes you connect and love the space. Do something that will make you love your life. I'm working through a big project converting my yard into a low maintenance succulent garden. It's a big job but it will be worth the effort come summer.

DIY cocktails
I love balmy spring evenings sitting outside listening to the crickets with a simple cocktail in hand. Having a few simple ingredients around (ginger ale, soda, limes) means if the desire to relax and chat with loved ones occurs you have everything you need.

Discover new music
Look you wont always like your friends taste in music but it is a different way (other than Spotify) to stumble into new and amazing sounds. Be brave and step away from your normal music style. Music equals memories for me. Each new season has had a unique soundtrack. I'm instantly transported back in time to those happy memories whenever I hit play.

Find a secret camping spot 
Just pack the car and go. Brave the dark night and the wandering seemingly endless wilderness at an off-the-track camp site. The further away from civilisation you are the brighter the stars become and the wilder your heart grows.

Rooftop cinema
It's the beginning of the outdoor cinema season. As much fun as the local drive-in or park cinema is I absolutely love being up amongst the rooftops. Grab your mates and have a memorable night out with a urban landscape view.

Night time adventures
Some of my favourite adventures involve riding my bike at night.The stars and street lamps shroud familiar streets in mystery. Maybe pack a small picnic before you head out on your ride? It just feels great. Go do it.

Take happy snaps
It is easy to forget all the magical moments you are about to have so don't forget to pack your camera.

So there you have it my 10 ideas for Spring. I hope these inspire you to get out there and enjoy the outdoors. What are you most looking forward to?

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Hanging Out At The Whythe Hotel

Pineapple Dazzle Brooklyn Whythe Hotel

Brooklyn has such a different pace to Manhattan. I fell in love with Brooklyn's arty quirky side and I regret not exploring it further.

A good friend Camille suggested that I go check out the Whythe Hotel if I was in the area. I immediately fell in love with its ultra cool rooftop and bubbly clientele. The gorgeous people were out in full force soaking up the sunhine. We immediately struck up a conversation with a few of New York's Nomads and had a fabulous time.

If you are in the Williamsburg neighbourhood you should definitely check this place out. Did I mention the view?

Pineapple Dazzle Brooklyn Whythe Hotel Rooftop

Pineapple Dazzle Brooklyn Swampy Water Tower

Pineapple Dazzle Brooklyn Whythe Hotel Manhattan Skyline View

Friday, 20 September 2013

A Day at MoMA

Pineapple Dazzle New York MoMA Andy Warhol Cow Print

Whenever I travel I always make an effort to see at least one Art Gallery. My favourite day in New York was the day I went to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). We were lucky to be in town when the Rain Room Exhibition was showing. When we arrived at MoMA early that morning there was already a giant queue to go see the exhibition. Turns out the day we picked happened to be the last day that the exhibition was on. I regret not taking a picture as the queue spanned a block! It was quite hot outside and I had no desire to wait in that long queue so we headed inside to cool down and to check out the rest of MoMA.

Pineapple Dazzle New York MoMA Van Gogh Art

Pineapple Dazzle New York MoMA Plunger Sphere Sculpture

Pineapple Dazzle New York MoMA Elephant

I have a huge appreciation of modern art and found the Museum fascinating. Some of the work shown were iconic. Pieces by Van Gogh, Picasso, Andy Warhol, Monet, Matisse and Klimt. But what I really enjoyed was that the Museum was a time capsule of all things Modern: Art, Architecture, Design, Film and Literature. It was beautiful to see an Eames Chair and a Philip Stark Juicer nestled in amongst the artwork. Here are some of my favourites from that day.

Pineapple Dazzle New York MoMA Art

Pineapple Dazzle New York MoMA Art

Pineapple Dazzle New York MoMA Andy Warhol

Pineapple Dazzle New York MoMA Sculpture Courtyard

Pineapple Dazzle New York MoMA Courtyard

Turns out not waiting in the long queue paid off. Whilst the line for the Rain Room dissipated in the heat I got to sneak in and see what all the fuss was about. I felt like I had stepped into a cool, soothing ambient dark box. People spoke in hushed tones. It reminded me of a Church in many ways if you ignore the rain pouring out of the ceiling. It truly was one of those awe filled moments. I was lucky enough to see an impromptu performance by a pair of dry dancers twirling in the rain. A pretty magical day.

Pineapple Dazzle New York MoMA Art

Thursday, 19 September 2013

A Week In New York

Pineapple Dazzle New York Rockerfeller Center

Pineapple Dazzle New York Near Macys

Pineapple Dazzle New York Central Park

I absolutely loved my time in New York City. I wish I had a few more days there. Lets be fair can there ever be enough time? It's a strange town to visit as you iconically know all the big sights. I am not used to that when I travel. I found myself constantly recognising shots from favourite movies and television shows. Whilst we were in town we stumbled over a few film sets ourselves. I could see how the film industry could test the patience of the average New Yorker just trying to live.

As there was only a short amount of time to get a taste of New York life I realised that I couldn't do everything as much as I truly wanted to do. I've estimated that it would take at least a month to a few years for everything. I knew I would go a little crazy with that knowledge so before I left I set myself a small New York Challenge which I talked about here on the blog. Here is how I went!

  • I did walk through a Shoe Department although I never found Barneys. I found myself lost in Macy's instead. 
  • I rode a bike around Central Park. It was a glorious day for a ride and I swear all the Outdoor-loving New Yorkers were in the park frolicking in the sunshine.  
  • My apartment where I was staying had a fabulous rooftop so we bought a bottle of champagne and watched the sunset over Manhattan from up close. 
  • I took a quick stroll along the Highline. Quick meaning short unfortunately I didn't see the entire thing. 
  • I did find a secret in the city. But it's not a secret if I share it with you now is it? I will say that I did get to play an 80s arcade game on my birthday and finding the secret was worth the effort.

I loved my time in New York. It was a place that energised my soul and gave me lots of inspiration. I will definitely go back in the near future. New York, you stole my heart along with my head.

Pineapple Dazzle New York 5th Avenue Fashion

Pineapple Dazzle New York Love Sculpture

Pineapple Dazzle New York Finance District

Pineapple Dazzle New York

We were lucky enough to be staying in a fabulous apartment right near the Highline. It meant we were up close and personal to everything. If you are looking to stay somewhere ahh-mazing I cannot rave enough about where we stayed. You can book the apartment here

Friday, 13 September 2013

Feel Good Friday

This week I've been lucky enough to have a few happy surprises. Earlier this week I found out that Pineapple Dazzle ticked over 100 followers on Bloglovin. I nearly fell over I was completely blown away. Thank you so much to my lovely readers!

Pineapple Dazzle Flowers in Garden

As a thank you I want to share a little about me that you might not know.
  • My parents are courageous and they have always brought their large dreams and crazy ideas to life. My Dad loved playing Cowboys and Indians when he was a kid so back in the 1980's after a trip to America he created Vultrek 5 - the first Laser Tag Game in Australia. Yes, he just made it up inside his head. I grew up in a kids fairy tale playing arcade games and laser tag almost every day. 
  • I first put roller skates on when I was about 7 years old and I immediately fell in love. The sensation of effortlessly gliding around a room really fast was exhilarating and it has never left me. 
  • I once declared at a Family Restaurant that I was setting myself a personal challenge to eat as many passion fruits as I could in one sitting. (46 pieces and I felt very sick afterwards) 
  • My sense of humor has a wicked cheeky streak. 
  • I love the taste of lipbalm and lipstick. I tend to carry around 4 or 5 types in my handbag at all times. 
  • I'm a collector. The more sparkly and brightly coloured the item the more likely I will covet it like a bower bird. Two of my most prized collections are my vintage dresses and my rainbow of vintage glass (seen below, this is not all of my glassware!)
  • For those who follow me on Instagram you already know that I'm obsessed with my garden. I have over 80 different types of succulents growing proudly. I've become one of those people who can name plants just by looking at them. 
Pineapple Dazzle Rainbow Glass

Thank you once again and hope you all have a fabulous weekend. Have any of you had any good surprises happen to you this week? 

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Empire: A Night Inside The Spiegeltent

 Pineapple Dazzle Empire Spiegeltent

Last night I had the opportunity to see a show inside the Spiegeltent. What is a Spiegeltent? Imagine a century old lavish art deco tent where the inside walls are adorned in mirrors. Sounds gorgeous doesnt it?

My husband and I were married inside a Spiegeltent last year during the Adelaide Fringe Festival. It has now become our tradition to hunt down a show whenever our path crosses with the tent. It's a wonderful way to celebrate and remember our unique wedding day.

Lucky for us a Spiegeltent always visits our home town every summer. We've been blessed this year with two visits so immediately bought tickets once we found out about the new show called Empire. Flown in from New York with rave reviews it was just too tempting a show to not go. The show is hard to characterise as it is a merging of comedy, cabaret, circus, vaudeville and burlesque.

Pineapple Dazzle Empire Spiegeltent

For the entire show I was held in a state of wonder. The cast of Empire push the limits of their strong and limber bodies. I was well and truly hooked when during the first act the room was flooded with a cascade of bubbles.

I highly recommend if you get the chance to grab some tickets to Empire if you get the chance. It'll be haunting my day dreams for a while to come.

Pineapple Dazzle Empire Spiegeltent

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

How to Get Better At Roller Derby Part 2

Pineapple Dazzle Roller Derby Rollercon 2013

Earlier this year I wrote about how to get better at roller derby. Considering the rules of the sport and the interpretation of those rules are constantly evolving its easy to be quickly phased out of the game if you don't push yourself to improve. Hopefully I can give you some inspiration to step up your game.

People say practice makes perfect and in Roller Derby it's also true.  There is no other way to get better at the game. If like my league you only get a few opportunities to train each week don't waste your time when on skates.  To seriously improve you must practice with the same intensity as on game day. Guns a blazing! Each jam will only ever go for 2 minutes so you should push yourself to skate faster, jump around, duck and contort your body into fluid unblockable shapes.

Im a huge fan of messing around on your wheels. Jumping. Street skates. Walking on your edges. Spins. Jump twirls. Cart wheels. Dancing. All of these things are super fun and they massively improve your balance and agility skills without you even knowing. I came back one summer able to transition after spending my time spinning around and twirling in the off-season.

One skill that seems to be super important (and often gets overlooked) is being able to change your speed instantly. Befriend your wheel edges. Use your toe stops for a burst of speed. Being able to juggle your speed will keep you a moment ahead of the opposition, able to drop back instantly to help a jammer or even burst through a pack.

To learn a new skill and be able to automatically execute it during a bout takes a lot of practice. Its not just going to magically happen in your next bout. Force yourself to trial new ideas in jams at training. Its the best place to improve your technique. Don't hate on yourself if  it's not working. I learnt a long time ago that just before you nail something new you will feel super awkward and fall over a lot. Falling over shows you are pushing your limits and once you adjust you will soon get better. You are meant to hit the concrete, get knocked out of bounds and sent to the penalty box when trying something new so no self pity. In no time you'll be automatically doing that new move on track.

Finally let your team mates know what you are up to. If you feel yourself stalling and your body just can't figure out what your brain keeps telling it to do enlist a friend or team mate to watch your technique. They might be able to see what your doing wrong!

So get out there. Happy skating!

Photo taken on my recent adventures to Rollercon 2013. 

Friday, 30 August 2013

Feel Good Friday

Pineapple Dazzle Shag Art Print The Silver Years

This week has felt like a whirlwind. Can someone tell me what has happened? I need to screw my head back on correctly. At least the sunshine has crept back into our days and spring is finally here! I cannot wait to get outside this weekend. With the weather being so wonderful I am tempted to dust down my bicycle and go for a ride.

I thought I'd try something a little different for my usual Feel Good Friday update today and mention my favourite artist, Shag. I've mentioned him previously on my blog but he's worth his weight in gold to be mentioned again. I would love to have more of his collection up on my walls at home.

Shag has released a new print called The Silver Years. It is a strong nod to the sixties featuring Andy Warhol, Edie Sedgewick and other hip peeps from that swinging time. The print is still available for purchase via Outre Gallery. I'm hosting a party this weekend and his Cocktail Compendium would also just look groovy behind my Tiki Bar. They are all just too cool. I wish I had some spare cash lying around as I would snap this up.

Pineapple Dazzle Shag Art Print Cocktail Compendium

I have always wondered what Shag's studio looks like since he seems to be obsessed with all things retro and tiki like myself. Turns out it is pretty cool. I'd love his Tiki Mug collection alone!

Anyway don't mind me sharing my dream art collection this afternoon. Do you have an artist that you obsess about?

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Hanging out in Los Angeles

Pineapple Dazzle Los Angeles Hollywood Sign Flowers

This past week I've started to go through my photos from my American adventure. I would like to share a few pictures which were taken a few weeks ago whilst in sunny LA. My good friend Natasha lives there and she took the afternoon off to show me a teeny slice of her City. I was quite delirious having come straight from a long 13 hour flight (with no sleep) to out sightseeing. I was incredibly grateful for my friend turned Tour Guide to take the lead whilst I could lay back and enjoy the ride hanging out in Los Angeles.

Pineapple Dazzle Los Angeles Griffith Observatory
Pineapple Dazzle Los Angeles Griffith Observatory
Pineapple Dazzle Los Angeles Hollywood Sign

We were blessed with a warm day and blue skies so drove through Griffith Park up to the Observatory to check out the best views of LA. Fun fact: If the Observatory looks familiar it is because it features in quite a few Blockbuster Hollywood movies like Rebel without a Cause, Terminator and Transformers.

Pineapple Dazzle Los Angeles Griffith Observatory View
Pineapple Dazzle Los Angeles Downtown
Pineapple Dazzle Los Angeles Hollywood Sign
The Observatory was a great spot to view the Hollywood Sign as well as the sprawling city. I had a sense of just how big Los Angeles truly is and how it would be mad to live here without a car (no wonder the traffic is crazy). Later that day we braved the crush of people down on Hollywood Boulevard but to be honest I much preferred the sunshine and solitude of Griffith Park. Maybe it had something to do with the fact I was lucky enough to spot my first ever Hummingbird and American squirrel!

Have you ever been to LA?

Pineapple Dazzle Los Angeles Hollywood Sign

Friday, 23 August 2013

Feel Good Friday


A slow yawn of reality is hitting me. I realised today there is no more Roller Derby for a little while*. The Roller Derby Grand Final is behind me (Salty's won) and we are now officially in the off-season. It has been an abrupt segway from intense training, team strategy sessions and tingling nerves of excitement to nothing. Initially I noticed the small things. A huge decline in the volume of washing. Do I really own this much training gear? What is this thing you call Free-to-air Television? A sneaky drop of alcohol on a training night. Just plain unheard of! 

I'm slowly finding my rhythm again returning to my normal Derby-free life. Reconnecting with my music. Befriending my running shoes. Showering love and attention on my friends outside of Roller Derby. Going out seeing shows and art exhibitions on school nights just because I can. Building fun dreams for the future.

Change is always a little unsettling being caught somewhere between the excitement of the future and melancholy of losing the past. So this is just a reminder to myself to be present in the now as truly this is all we ever have.

*Technically the League season is over however there are still some Bouting opportunities on the distant horizon. Just not soon enough!

The photograph taken by Molly Strohl. You can find more of her work on Flickr

Thursday, 22 August 2013

How To Host A Onesie Party

I love to host fancy dress parties but winter doesn't make it easy especially when the weather is against you. Previously I have had my guests rug up like Russian's or float about like Spacemen just to make sure they had enough clothes on. I like my guests having fun not huddled around gas heaters shivering.

This year I have come across a new and brilliant idea for a fancy dress night that is easy, fun and warm. Winter Onesie Land! I'm taking a relaxed approach and here are my special ingredients for a rad night:

The Onesie.
Choose your onesie wisely and make sure its warm. Silly is optional as there are so many styles available! I have a friend who hates dressing up and upon finding out the theme for my party this year went out and immediately bought one. What I have learnt from this is that everyone secretly loves a onesie and all they need is the excuse to buy one. This Tiger onesie from ASOS is extra rad.

Pineapple Dazzle ASOS Tiger Onesie

Gas heaters are fabulous (and safe) but why not find something more outrageous. I've heard of fire pits that have been made out of washing machine drums.  For my party I'll be pulling out the braziers in the shed but I dream of one day having a fire pit in my back yard. The Fire Pit below is incredibly whimsical and would look wonderful during the day. I really just want it as it reminds me of Bambi.

Pineapple Dazzle Bambi Fire Pit
Now if the weather is too wet to be outside toasting marshmallows around a warm fire then a warm drink for your guests is the next best thing. I like the idea of spiked hot chocolates or even a mulled wine but honestly I can't go past a Hot Toddy. I found a wonderful alternative for a Sweet Tea Hot Toddy on A Beautiful Mess.

I'm so excited I have already started to layer the fairy lights around. I'll have to hold off sprinkling the glitter and laying out the dance rug as I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a clear calm sky.

Yes it is all a bit silly and it is true I am officially hooked on onesies but they are brilliant for any winter party. Twenty-Onesie anyone?

Do you own a Onesie and are you brave enough to wear it out in public?

Pineapple Dazzle ASOS Giraffe Onesie

Friday, 16 August 2013

Feel Good Friday

Pineapple Dazzle Happy Friday

How is everyone this fine Friday? With my holidays firmly behind me I'm trying to stay focussed looking ahead. So that I don't crash and burn upon immediate re-entry into the country I arrange a return-to-normal-life soft landing by making sure I've got something fun in my future and this weekend I've got that covered.

My league, Adelaide Roller Derby are hosting our Grand Final Double Header Extravaganza on Sunday. Lots of serious preparation has gone into the event. I've been focussed on increasing my fitness, cleaning my skates and learning the retro dance moves for the skate out. Tickets can still be purchased online if you want to come along.

Music has inspired me the last few weeks and I have had certain songs stuck on repeat. I just can't shake them from my mind. I've embedded a few of those songs into my latest music mix for your listening pleasure. (If you are curious I took the QR photo art photo whilst I was in New York recently.)

Happy Friday everyone!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

How I survived Rollercon

Pineapple Dazzle Rollercon 2013

I'm back from my American holiday and slowly processing all of my experiences. Over the coming weeks I will share more of my photos and fun memories from the States. One of the highlights from my time away was Rollercon.

For aspiring Roller Derby skaters Rollercon is Derby Mecca. Rollercon truly does cater to all parts of the Roller Derby experience with a plethora of opportunities to skate, shop and socialise. At times I found the event overwhelming as there is just so much to do and 5,000 skaters all confidently swaggering their formidable stuff was daunting. Here is how I survived my Rollercon experience.

Look after yourself. 
Sleep. Hydration. Down time. Eat right. It's easy to get caught up in challenge bout after bout after bout. It's easy to go sit by the pool and then accidentally party to the wee hours in the morning. You honestly wont make it through the week if you don't respect your body and give it some rest and recuperation. I found myself craving a giant steak by the end. I took naps whenever I needed them and walked around with a massive water bottle at all times. If all else fails relax and recuperate with a day by the pool with your sole mission to just people watch.

Fear of missing out. 
With stuff happening 24/7 you really have to get over your fear of missing out. You can't do everything and be everywhere. It just is not possible to do everything no matter how hard you may try. If you do you will definitely burn-out and not enjoy yourself. It's your Rollercon experience and no-one else's so just do what you can and don't beat yourself up if you don't fit everything in (there's always next year).

Be spontaneous.
You will be incredibly disappointed if you plan your time at Rollercon out to the minute. You will end up sitting in lots of queues for classes - boring! Be flexible. Don't let golden opportunities slip past you because you had your heart set on a particular Smarty Pants class at a specific time. They usually repeat the good classes over and over again. Go on a group street skate. Attend at least one of the scheduled parties. Derby girls from all over the world are a happy fun-loving bunch and they come with their own fun time guarantee. Don't miss out on meeting these wonderful people and taking a treasured memory home with you. If in doubt, just say yes as often as possible. You never know what crazy adventure will be around the casino corner.

Be brave. 
Do attend classes (as they are great) but honestly the best way to learn is to play against better skaters. It will tie your stomach up in giant knots worrying about it but its the best experience you can get. I got the opportunity to play against Rocky Mountain League as part of Team Australia. My heart jumped up into my throat and only dislodged once I skated my first jam. It was a tough bout but I learnt so much about game play and how I play with different skaters. (Oh yeah and we won!) Cant wait to take back some of my learning's to my home league.

Rollercon was a blast and I hope to be able to go back again in future. Some of my personal highlights included getting to meet and skate with many Australian skaters who my league normally play against like Mad Mel Arena and Cookie Cutter. Skating against a league who I secretly have a crush on. Hanging sporadically with my Derby wives, Val Capone and Amanda Jamitinya. Meeting so many lovely Americans who are super passionate and crazy about Roller Derby. Being distracted by the pretty Las Vegas lights. Being thrown in the pool during the Black and Blue Ball. Making my drinks more fancy by drinking out of a pineapple.

Rollercon made me realise that even though Australian Roller Derby is on the other side of the world we are actually pretty rad athletes too. I also learned that the Roller Derby community around the world is an eclectic and beautiful bunch. If you bring an open mind and a warm smile with you cannot be more better prepared for Rollercon. Happy skating!

If you are keen to check out Rollercon in 2014 I recommend buying tickets here. In the meantime look up some of the fun vicariously through instagram snaps here.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Dreaming of America

Pineapple Dazzle Come fly with me  sorry for all the travel posts but the day has finally arrived, heading to the States!

I keep hearing wonderful things about America. My parents have visited the US 5 times and when they retell their stories their faces light up and their eyes go all hazy with the warm memories. The same happens time and again when I talk to my sisters and friends. What is it with this country that people love so much?

Have you ever been to the States? What do you love about this country?

Howdy America! Can't wait to meet you.