Friday, 30 November 2012

4 years ago to the day

Pineapple Dazzle Art Yellow Rhino

4 years ago to the day my husband and I went on our first date.

We were quite enamoured with each other & wanted to do something special. I remember we chose to meet at the Art Gallery for a short but sweet adventure lunch date. We walked around the Gallery showing our favourite artworks to each other like my favourite, Rhinoceros by Angus James. 

I remember having to excuse myself for a moment and raced up the stairs to the bathroom. I was having such a fun date that I raced back to the lower level gallery. A cheeky security guard chuckled 'Dont worry love, he hasnt gone anywhere.' I blushed beetroot for the rest of that day.

Since our first date all those years ago the yellow rhino has been tucked away hiding in the archives. This week, its finally returned! If you havent been to the Art Gallery for a while now might be the time to go check out the elusive and exclusive neon yellow rhino in its natural habitat.

Thank you, Art Gallery of SA

Thursday, 29 November 2012

by day but by night...

I might as well get it out of the way, yes I play Roller Derby and I love it. It is a huge part of my life so expect to hear a little about it from time to time. Lets be honest it was always going to appear on Pineapple Dazzle. 

For those who might have some preconceptions of the sport:

No I don't wear fishnets.
No I do not have any tattoos.
No I am not a lesbian. (Why does this matter anyway?)
Yes I am passionate about how physical & skillful the sport is.
Yes Roller Derby is widely stereotyped & overly sexualised in the media.
Yes the injuries & bruises are real.
Yes it's lots of fun to be involved & play!

I am one of the truly lucky ones to be apart of a fun-loving, supportive & nurturing league. I am inspired daily by the wonderful people that I have met since the beginning. It's these people who have grown to not only be my league mates but my closest friends. In saying that I have met even more truly incredible (men and) ladies around the world who have come to mean a lot to me too.

Shout-out to my lovely Derby wives around the world! *waves*

Roller Derby is a huge commitment of time (trainings, committee meetings, camps, public bouts, socials events, personal fitness) & does slowly take over your life. But the more you pour yourself into the sport, the more you engage & work hard for your league and team it has always in my opinion been worth it. 110%.

  Pineapple Dazzle Roller Derby Wild Hearses Win

My league Adelaide Roller Derby, is currently going through its Fresh meat Program (aka recruits) and there are 60+ girls trying out who are honestly all really brave, tenacious, strong & really nice. Like beauty pageant nice. I wish we could bring them all into our league but that's just not possible.

So looking forward to the season beginning soon when I'm back on my skates full time. Until then I'll just have to make do with summer time outdoor adventure skates will my pals. 

Thank you Matt Walker for use of your photo. 

Friday, 23 November 2012

Dare to wear

Pineapple Dazzle Party Balloons Indian Headdress Festival

My mother always says it is better to be over dressed than under dressed. I usually imagine her in a 1920's flapper outfit whilst saying it. I may have completely missed her point but I do believe that a bit of frippery makes a ho-hum day way more interesting.

Somehow donning a simple cape makes you feel courageous & bold and can turn a boring night at home into something out of this world.

Personally I cant get enough of dressing up as a Pirate at work. There's something about all the foul mouthed cheeky bravado that I gravitate towards. I'm amazed no-one at work has twigged yet what with all the swearing whenever I'm dressed in stripes & neck scarves. (I keep the swash-buckling strictly during my scally wag lunch adventures)

Next time you are feeling so-so maybe you should spice it up? Go on that bike ride dressed as a Ninja. Shopping in your finest La-Di-Da Chanel Dress suit, with pearls of course.

You never know you might just end up having a wonderful time.


Thursday, 22 November 2012

Dream a little dream

Pineapple Dazzle National Geographic New York High Line

My beautiful friend Sarah is currently living a charmed almost fairy tale dream existence in New York City. Whilst we are sleeping in Australia she is sipping coffee in bodegas, dating ridiculously hunky men, taking ballet lessons & walking the High Line (pictured above). And yet it wasn't always like this. Rewind the clock to earlier this year.

Sarah and I caught up over a rare sunny lunch in the dying days of winter. So far she had quite a deflating & dejected year. Trying to make the best of a bad situation Sarah was updating me on her latest job prospects, a job interview set for 2 weeks time. It wasn't an inspirational dream job she was applying for but one of those keeping the toe in the water numbers. Sarah then told me about her wild & terrifyingly non-conservative dream of packing up a suitcase & moving to New York for 3 months to dance & absorb the wonderful city.

Sarah is a very rational person so she was caught up in a huge tug of war between head & heart. She had the means & the desire, all she needed was confirmation that her dream wasn't just the mad raving delusional ideas of a crazy woman. Sarah was in a lucky position the universe had given her the ultimate motivation to follow her dream.

In the end Sarah cancelled the job interview because she was already enjoying the leaves changing colour in New York. I'm so proud of her following her dreams of being a Ballerina. Even if it is only for a short period of time her life will forever be enriched. I keep my fingers and toes crossed that she finds a way to stay over there indefinitely.

She was made to be a New Yorker and follow her dreams.

Check out Sarah's blog 


Everything In Its Right Place

Pineapple Dazzle Radiohead Concert 2012

Over the weekend I witnessed my all time favourite band play in Melbourne, Radiohead.

The night was truly brilliant. The stage production was phenomenal, the band were magic & most of all Thom was in a fabulous mood.

I'm not a religious person but I had a spiritual moment at the show of pure unadulterated joy. Maybe it was my 15 year old self who obsessively wrote OK Computer inspired poetry or all of the broken hearted moments that they have helped me through. But I felt peace and that everything will be alright now that I had seen them at their best.

Thank you Melbourne for being so lovely, respectful yet rambunctious a crowd.

My love affair with this band has been rekindled burning bright.


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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Dont Hold Back

Pineapple Dazzle Donet Benet

Donny Benet: The man is a genius. An art god. A man who transcends genre character generalisations.

The man has been touring like a storm trooper and I cant wait to see him on Friday night @ Format.

I saw him perform at the Adelaide Festival earlier this year and it was love at first synch chord progression. And then again during the sax solo. Grrr like a tiger.

Unfortunately if you are elsewhere in the country you've just missed the dates for his Australian Tour but no doubt he'll be back making a meal of your heart again soon. Grab a slice of Donny Benet here.

Friday, 16 November 2012

You Got To Be Starting Something

Pineapple Dazzle Balloons Party

Welcome to Pineapple Dazzle!

With spring well & truly sprung I thought it would be a fabulous time to begin my first blog, centered around things that I love, sharing them with... well you!

This has always been my favorite time of the year. The buzz of the festival season is beginning, the days are longer and the nights are ours for the taking. I'm ready for an adventure.

LVS xx