Sunday, 21 July 2013

Dreaming of Rollercon


Two more sleeps until I madly rush to the airport for my flight to America. Normally my travel adventures are just that a rambling adventure exploring the world. This time however there is a purpose to my travel plans other than satisfying my wanderlust - I've packed my roller skates and am heading to Rollercon!

3. The Road Train Rollers Vs The Salty Dolls: Crispy Saltbush, Bride of Skatan, GoGo Fiasco, Tonka Tuff and Melvin Star
2. The Salty Dolls Vs The Mile Die Club: Kissy Suziki waits for the Jammer’s whistle, April 2009 11. The Salty Dolls vs The Mile Die Club: First ever win for the Mile Die Club - Velvet Thunderground, Candy de la Ghetto and Pistola Balboa, A

I have been involved in with Adelaide Roller Derby since 2008 and Rollercon has been one of those dream 'must-do' events high on my list. To help you imagine it: Roller Derby + 2000 excited skaters + 1 week in Las Vegas. It's one hell of a mix and the butterflies have officially set in.

I see myself doing a lot of sightseeing in between novelty challenge bouts, serious classes and afternoon cool downs by the pool. But honestly what I'm most excited about is getting the opportunity to meet, possibly play against and definitely party with some of the best Roller Derby athletes in the world.

Black Rock Roller Derby_8598

Black Rock Roller Derby Starts_8624

The Knuckle Draggers Vs The Missing Links_8663 Black Rock Roller Girls_8682

My friends Velvet Thunderground and Dutch Oven went over to America a few years ago and their photos of their experience inspired me to one day go chase down my dreams of skating internationally. I've borrowed some of their photos from their time away. Thank you Dutch Oven for letting me share some of your beautiful photography.

Santa Monica_82161

Seeing all of these wonderful memories just has me itching to create some of my own. Have you ever incorporated your sport or your passion into your holiday?

1. ADRD Training Camp: Practice scrimmage team huddle, January 2008


  1. this looks like so much fun!!! what a cool sport! :)

    1. Roller Derby is the best. I highly recommend you check out a bout with your local league. You won't be disappointed. x