Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Dreaming of New York

Next week I will be bouncing-off-the-walls excited as I will be boarding a plane and heading off to the US. It is my first trip to the States and I have no true idea what to expect. The city I'm most excited to visit is of course New York.

New York has been hiding in my dreams forever. It has felt like an angry itch that has been exponentially amplified. It was never should I visit but when and the time has finally arrived.

I find myself drawn to unique and non-touristy experiences usually when I am away. I am curious to see if I can find those though as New York looks to be quite the cliche. Here are some of the places and experiences that I am most looking forward to.

Pineapple Dazzle New York City
I am a huge art fan so of course, MoMA is high on my must-do list. I might not be able to visit the Rain Room Exhibition as the wait seems to make it not worth the effort but it is still MoMA and there will still be a mountain of work to see.

A walk through Barney's Shoe Department.

To find a secret in the city.

A Skate Party in Central Park. I have packed my roller skates!

A cocktail on a Manhattan Rooftop.

A stroll along the Highline.

I usually set myself a challenge for each new travel adventure and as yet I haven't found an appropriate one for New York. Maybe I will just commit myself to saying yes if a wonderful strange opportunity appears. Have you been? Is there something that a really should 'must do' whilst there?

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