Friday, 19 July 2013

A Personal Challenge Update

3 months ago I set myself a personal challenge to see if I could halve my current wardrobe. Well I did it! I learnt along the way a few tricks that helped me reach my goal.

Just do it
It sounds simple enough but I had to just bite the bullet and start. So many times before I have procrastinated and ended up doing the laundry/vacuuming/music playlists instead. I built up a lot of stress and pressure that this was going to be a hard process. It honestly was a lot easier and took a lot less time than I thought it would.

Small bites
I found if the inspiration had hit me hard like a hammer then not to try to do it all at once. I focused instead on working through it in 10 minute bursts or even just a particular small section - like my sock drawer - and if still inspired to go from there. Having simple quick wins along the way made me feel positive about letting go of my things.

Understanding its worth
Probably my hardest hurdle was coming to terms with the very expensive jacket that sat in my cupboard. Because it lived all day in my wardrobe it wasn't actually worth the expense because I had never used it. It was a waste. I realised that I'm not gaining any value to my life with it living in the wardrobe gathering dust. Keeping it was just keeping the guilt associated with the expense. An unexpected bonus of letting it go has meant I've been able to let go of that guilt.

Just in case
I knew I would freak out if I piled all of my donations into a car and took it to charity straight away. So I gave myself a mental buffer. I placed all of the items in a basket and put it in another room and agreed that I would donate them in 3 months time. If I didn't use the item over the last 3 months then it didn't deserve to be in my home.

Focus on the end goal
Whenever I found myself really struggling I would remember to focus on the end goal. My personal goal was being able to open my wardrobe and see only cherished, well used and loved items. I've heard of others focussing on a particular style like 'effortlessly chic' to help them with their clean-out. My taste is too eclectic for that so instead I chose to keep everything that looked great on me and that I loved to wear.

This has been a really big deal for me and I'm so happy that I stuck to my guns and finished this challenge. I am celebrating by looking at upgrading to a super organised wardrobe to pimp my Boudoir. A pretty and clearly labelled wardrobe for my well loved treasures.


  1. I totally feel you. I have a hard time with letting go of some of my "smaller" clothes in hopes that I will fit into them one day.

    Nope. Having those 2 girls made my hips a wee bit bigger. Bones don't shrink LOL!

    I am so in love with your blog!!!

    1. Gosh, you are nice. Thank you Natalie.

  2. I bought space bags because I have issues with letting go of old clothes!

    1. Great idea Niki, do you find yourself ever reaching into those space bags for items?

  3. Well it has only been a couple of months since I spacerised them, time shall tell ;)

    1. Haha good luck with your space bag adventure and keep me posted. It is something I'm tempted to explore but then again I'm not the most passionate fan of my vacuum cleaner. x