Friday, 8 February 2013

Adelaide Fringe Festival Picks

Mad March is fast approaching. What does that mean? Adelaide is soon to come alive with both the Adelaide Festival and Adelaide Fringe to swing open their peacock and sequin encrusted doors. If you can't find something fun to do in the city soon there might actually be something seriously wrong with you. With hundreds of shows all vying for your attention I've done the hard leg work and sorted through the shows for my top picks for each festival.

First up, the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

I fell in love with the Adelaide Fringe when I was a young girl. I was 13 & I had convinced my mother to let me go to the Fringe Opening Night. She dropped my girlfriend & I at the top of Rundle Street with a wave and a well wishes for our evening. Honestly, I dont know what I said to her to let us go without her. Rundle Street had been transformed into a bedazzled infectious creature of a street party. I remember a Drag queen on a float drifted down from her lofty height to give me a magic wand. I was showered in joy, confetti & light. That was the most exhilarating night of my entire young self's life. Because of that night I have been forever in love with the shimmering & fabulous world of the Fringe.

Anyway enough daydreaming, the Fringe begins in a week!

If it feels like the Fringe has well and truly taken over Adelaide, then you are correct. The crowd favourite places to hang out are back. Any night of the week you can drop by the Garden of Unearthly Delights, Tuxedo Cat, Gluttony, The Rhino Room or The Big Slapple to see something guaranteed entertaining. But this year there is a newcomer space that I've got my eye on, The Depot.

The Depot is the newest fringe hub to be created. Perfectly nestled behind China Town in the CBD it is set to be a fun date night out (Ahem, Valentines Day anyone?) destination.

Pineapple Dazzle Adelaide Fringe Festival 2013

My highlight show to see at the Depot is Colourpalooza. There is definitely something in the water with colour events taking off all around the country. And it seems that Colour + Music is a winning formula with the fun-at-heart crowd. Straight after the Fringe Opening Parade its set to go off!

Pineapple Dazzle Freefall Adelaide Fringe Festival 2013

I always set aside time for the Circus every Fringe. There's something about beautiful strong bodies making contortions & feats of strength look effortless that I admire. It wows me everytime. This year I've bookmarked seeing Freefall at the Adelaide Town Hall.

Another one of my favourites I'll be heading down to the Wheaty to check out The Hushes for some laid back beautiful tunes.

If all else fails & you are finding Fringe time overwhelming. I recommend braving the Fringe Bus. Jump on for an adventure you wont forget. The Fringe is about flirting with your comfort zone. Some of my best nights out during Fringe I just wandered the streets. Be brave, find a friend and wander down Adelaide's alley ways. You never know what might jump out and bite you.

Next week I'll update you on my favourite picks for the Adelaide Festival! Stay tuned.

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