Thursday, 21 February 2013

Adelaide Festival Picks

Last week I informed you of my favourite picks from the Adelaide Fringe Festival. This week however, its all about the Adelaide Festival.

The Adelaide Festival in my mind is one of those risk taker events that thrusts art passionately in your face. I go a little mad during Mad March because of  it's lustfully exciting line-ups tempting me to consecutive sleepless weeks. I come out the other end of the Festival feeling a little bit like Alice having come back from Wonderland. Tired, swooning and a little heart broken that its all over.

Very much at the top of my list are the theatre performance group, Ontroerend Goed. They love to create intimate, individual performance pieces which turns normal theatre on its head. For the Adelaide Festival they have created 3 different shows one of which I am lucky to have the tickets for, The Smile Off Your Face. I will be blind folded, strapped into a wheelchair and whizzed off into the night. Lets hope I come back in one piece.

I love the German Club so I cannot wait for it to be converted into a late night smoky cabaret venue. Being able to see a show here excites me almost as much as the show I want to see The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart. Whenever the word word rambunctious appears in any type of review you know that you at least are going to enjoy some hearty loudness, the ability to drink beer whilst sitting in your seat, maybe a sing-a-long and some cheek. I for one am looking forward this show as it should be a fun night out.

Heading into a different direction completely the Festival is heading online to capture our hearts and imaginations this year. How can you be alone in a city full of noise? Being quiet, letting thoughts sit and process can sometimes be a perfect methodology for a healthy state of mind. Quite amazingly this year the Festival has sponsored Stereopublic a TEDXPrize City 2.0 Winner to do just that. I for one cannot wait to see what this is all about.

And finally, Barrio. The hottest ticket on the Mad March calendar last year is set to come back again in 2013. Every night is different from the last. Get their early. Bring a shrine offering. Be tempted by the greatest night out of your life. If anyone asks you a random question say yes.

Here is a link to one of my highlight shows from Barrio last year, Abbie Cardwell & The Chicano Rockers. I only expect Barrio to become even more of a simmering melting pot this summer.

Well thats just my opinion, what are you most excited about this Festival season?

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