Friday, 12 April 2013

Creepy Friday

The sun is shining and yet the day still holds terrors.

I don't normally talk about my fear as it is completely irrational. I cannot change how I feel about it. I feel a slick sweat creep over my skin. My heart clunks. Goosebumps strain so tight my skin hurts.

I am terrified of zombies.

I know they don't technically exist and yet I cant stop myself from panicking. I won't see a scary zombie movie with you. I'll avoid the city when the Zombie Walk takes to the streets and I plan my escape months in advance. (The date to avoid this year is Saturday 12th October). I do this as I know I would take matters into my own hands with the nearest blunt weapon. This fear does not encroach into other monsters of fantasy. Maybe because they never create lame romantic movies about them?

A friend of mine took me to see a movie a long time ago without divulging anything about the name or plot. I still don't remember why I agreed to go. That night I watched 28 Days Later quite possibly the most terrifying movie I've ever witnessed. Even with my eyes closed the sounds from that movie echo inside my skull still.

The brain is a fascinating place to explore. Where fear gets locked away in a deep dark box. When I recently found this mix I found it a brilliantly deep and moody soundscape. Until I found the track that awoke my terror.

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  1. I agree with you about Zombies, everything about them is just plain creepy but my personal one is the movie The Road based on the Cormac McCarthy novel. No zombies in that one but still completely chilling & full of nightmare material.
    That leaves me debating about listening to your mix or not & I'm torn. I'm totally curious to hear it & also see if I can pick your 'terror awakening track' but also thinking about that fact that it awoke your terror & my need to sleep at some point tonight. Will let you know which wins out, it will most likely be my curiosity in the end.