Thursday, 21 March 2013


When you are finding life a little boring and you only have yourself to keep things interesting I like to amuse myself with a secret game I play inside my head.

As I'm the only person who has me stuck inside my head 24-7, I might as well like hanging out with me so I try to keep myself laughing on the inside.

My favourite personal challenge is finding famous doppelgängers of everyday people I might come across. These people end up in my highly treasured memory library of not-famous people. So far I've found 100's of not-stars. I give myself a mental high five and a smirk on the outside each time I've made a match.

My favourites would definitely be the love child of Michael Buble and Ricky Martin, a very good Vanilla Ice double and the ultimate a doppelgänger who looked like Kramer from Seinfeld.

Its especially good if you have friends and family who remind you of someone. I smile every time I see my mother in law as she reminds me of Yoda.

Its the game that just keeps on giving.

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